Travel Health

Your guide to preventing travel-related ailments and staying healthy on your journeys.

Travel Health

Common Travel Health Conditions

The success or failure of a trip depends significantly on your ability to stay healthy while on the move. Sunburn, dehydration, constipation, motion sickness, bug bites, and jet lag, are common conditions that most travellers need to know how to deal with. However, other conditions, such as diarrhoea, malaria, respiratory infections, and altitude sickness often require more planning and can be harder to prevent.

Travellers should always research their destination and before they leave be fully aware of local health risks, pack the right protection and get any relevant vaccinations. Travellers on medication, should always bring extra and pack them in their carry-on to help avoid loss.

Some of the top health conditions that affect travellers are:

Infectious diseases are a significant concern when travelling to new regions. Respiratory infections, including influenza, or Covid, can spread easily in crowded travel settings. Diarrhoea, typhoid fever and hepatitis A, caused by consuming contaminated food and water, are common ailments that can disrupt travel plans. Malaria and Dengue fever are transmitted by mosquitoes in tropical areas and pose serious health threats.

All these common conditions, and new ones such as Zika, underscore the diverse array of health risks travellers may face. Seeking pre-travel medical advice and staying informed about health conditions at the destination are essential steps for maintaining traveller well-being.

Some of the top infections disease that affect travellers are:

Digestive Health

Part of the fun of travelling is enjoying new and local food. Unfortunately, for many, changes in diet, water quality and daily routines can sometimes lead to digestive issues such as diarrhoea, bloating, or constipation.

To promote digestive well-being, travellers should stay hydrated with safe water and practice good hand hygiene to reduce the risk of infections. If you know you are prone to acid reflux or have food sensitivities or allergies, be sure to bring along those medications.

Some of the top digestive health conditions that affect travellers are:

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