Levonelle One Step 1.5mg – 1 Tablet


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Levonelle One Step Emergency Contraception Pill. For emergency use only.

Once completed, our pharmacist will contact you for additional information to ensure this medication is safe for you.


Levonelle One Step is an emergency contraception that can be used after unprotected sex or failed contraceptive method. This is also known as ‘the morning after pill’. Each pack of Levonelle One Step contains one round, white tablet which is a complete treatment. The tablet contain 1500 micrograms of levonorgestrel and other inactive ingredients. It works by stopping ovulation either preventing the sperm from fertilising the egg or preventing the fertilised egg attaching to the uterus. It should be taken as soon as possible, no more than 72 hours after unprotected sex. It is most effective when taken within 12 hours. Please contact your pharmacist or doctor with any further queries. Patient Information Leaflet: Levonelle (medicines.org.uk)

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