Infectious Kindness—What to Cook for Dinner?

Good Food, Heathly Body

PillSorted Pharmacist:
Hope you are having a lovely day. I have been thinking of cooking most of the day. It is such a lovely way to spread kindness! Any suggestions on what to cook for dinner tonight?

Paneer and Spinach Curry

Our lovely patients reply:

“Cooking is my therapy – I love cooking and it makes me feel better me when I feel down or I want to make something to cheer up and another person. Enjoy it.”

S. D.

“I hope you enjoy cooking when you have finished work!”

Da. W.

“As I’m Italian can I suggest a pasta dish- quick and easy? ”

L. D.

“Lovely to hear from you. I know your problem of what to cook for dinner each night but if it’s baking cakes then I can happily get motivated. I have just treated myself to a stand mixer come food processor so it’s all recipes go, I also give some of my cooking to my elderly neighbours to cheer them up.”

Di. W.