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Balance Activ vaginal suppositories are marketed as a treatment to BV. It contains lactic acid and glycogen as its active ingredients, to restore an acidic pH while also providing a food source for friendly bacteria

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Balance Activ BV Vaginal Pessaries are safe to use during pregnancy, however, you should see your doctor if you think you may have a vaginal infection during pregnancy. Please ask your doctor for diagnosis of BV. When to use (please read instructions before use). Treatment For the effective relief of embarrassing odour, abnormal discharge, discomfort and BV – Use 1 pessary daily for 7 days Maintenance and Prevention To maintain the natural pH balance and prevent recurrence of symptoms – Use 1 pessary every 3 days for 3 months To help maintain the pH level during a course of antibiotics – Use 1 pessary daily for 4-5 days If you notice a recurrence of symptoms around the time of your period – Use 1 pessary daily at the end of your period for 1-2 days Use Balance Activ BV Vaginal Pessaries before bed for easy, mess-free treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis.

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