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What is a Private Prescription?

What is a Private Prescription?

Private prescriptions are special prescriptions issued by your doctor to treat a particular medical condition, usually after a private consultation or when an NHS medicine is not available.

You pay the full cost for private prescriptions rather than the subsidised flat fee you pay for a regular NHS prescription.

Getting a quote for your private prescription

If your doctor hasn't already done so, notify your doctor to send your private prescription directly to us for a personalized quote based on your specific requirements.
Alternatively, you can conveniently email a copy to
Private Prescription Quotes

How to order


Sign up for PillSorted.
Email a photo of your private prescription(s) to so we can send you the cost.
Mail us your original private prescription by writing Freepost PILLSORTED on any plain envelope and then dropping it in a mailbox.
Receive your private prescription by Royal Mail, directly to your door.

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