Our Story

Zeinab Ardeshir,
Founder and Chief Pharmacist

PillSorted is born out of my passion for healthcare, a true compassionate care. I’ve been a pharmacist for more than 15 years and the best parts of my days are when I’m listening to my patients, helping them stay healthy and making them feel better. We’re using the best technology available to get all the other tasks in the dispensary done as timely and accurately as possible so I can free up my time to serve my patients. That’s what a personal pharmacist does.

Our team are a small group of healthcare and technology professionals in Cambridge UK, working hard to bring back care to healthcare. We are taking our small steps towards our big dreams.

P.S. Here is a small quote that inspires us everyday:
“Traditional doctors [pharmacist] could evolve into a new profession, one that I’ll call a “compassionate caregiver.” These medical professionals would combine the skills of a nurse, medical technician, social worker, and even psychologist. Compassionate caregivers would be trained not just in operating and understanding the diagnostic tools but also in communicating with patients, consoling them in times of trauma, and emotionally supporting them throughout their treatment.”
Dr. Kai-Fu Lee. 2018
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PillSorted is a Pharmacy providing NHS services, blending compassionate care and innovative technology to deliver a truly Personal Pharmacy service. We dispense prescriptions, sort medications and deliver them to your door.

Our service is well-suited for people with multiple repeat prescriptions. They receive a monthly package with all their medications and if required, packed in a monitored dosage system.

Our patients don't need to chase their repeat orders, wait in the queue or sort their pills anymore. We have taken all the hassle out of managing prescriptions.

Our expert pharmacists are available to answer your question over the phone or by email.