We appreciate how much pressure you're under as clinicians, and we're here to help. Firstly and most importantly, PillSorted is completely safe and reliable, authorised and regulated by the NHS. We like to think of ourselves as your partner in prescriptions and can support you with compliance and improving patient adherence to medication.

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We create a direct link between patient and prescriber, and can also cut your workload by synchronising patients' medications. Our system is fully integrated with prescriptions and dispensing data, as well as computational dosage instructions. More than 65 doctors across London and the East of England tell us our medicine management service leads to happier and healthier patients.


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Our full view of patients' data enables proactive follow ups, implementation of review dates and changes to dosage regimes. We work closely with hospitals and integrated care teams to support independent living upon discharge from hospital. We strive to prevent costly hospital emergencies by proactively making sure patient don't run out of their medication, and by helping them to adhere to the prescribers directions. We hope in the long run this helps the NHS save money in secondary as well as primary care.

You can read our latest GPhC inspection report here. If you'd like to talk more about how we can help you and your practice, please get in touch.