How it Works

How would you like your monthly medications delivered to your home?

After enrolling, we will ask for a list of your regular medications, how you would prefer to be contacted and when you need your delivery. We input this information into our database and deliver your Monthly Pack straight to your home.

Getting Started

You can enrol by telling us:

  • Your contact details
  • Your GP information
  • Your exemption status

Within the first two weeks

  • You are assigned a Personal Pharmacist.
  • Your Personal Pharmacist will:
    • Contact you to set up your service.
    • Call your doctor and co-ordinate your prescription.
    • Schedule your delivery.

Each Month

  • Your Personal Pharmacist will contact you using you preferred contact method.
    This is a friendly catch-up to check how you are and if you need anything.
  • Your Personal Pharmacist will answer any questions you may have and be there to listen.
  • Once you are happy, your Personal Pharmacist will go ahead and use smart technology to get everything ready.
  • Your medication will be delivered according to your preference.
  • Your delivery will include an information/reminder card regarding all your medication and dose instructions.
This is an example of the Patient Information Chart you will receive with your medication each month.
Why not talk to your own Personal Pharmacist about your medication?
Get Started

Alternatively, call us on 01223 643550 or email us at [email protected]

PillSorted is a Pharmacy providing NHS services, blending compassionate care and innovative technology to deliver a truly Personal Pharmacy service. We dispense prescriptions, sort medications and deliver them to your door.

Our service is well-suited for people with multiple repeat prescriptions. They receive a monthly package with all their medications and if required, packed in a monitored dosage system.

Our patients don't need to chase their repeat orders, wait in the queue or sort their pills anymore. We have taken all the hassle out of managing prescriptions.

Our expert pharmacists are available to answer your question over the phone or by email.