Personal Allergy Management

We offer a personal pharmacy service!

When we are signing up new patients, we do a full review of their current medications, we discuss the times of day that is preferred to take their medicine and we make sure they are all clinically safe. We also check for  major interactions and ask about allergies.

Last week, one of our lovely patients mentioned that she is allergic to Povidone. Povidone is an inactive ingredient in many tablets. I reviewed each and every brand for all her 16 items, checked through all the Patient Information Leaflets and found the manufacturers that did not contain Povidone as an ingredient. We sourced the correct items and dispensed and delivered. Now how do we make sure we always deliver the correct item? Our unique PillSorted Operating System enables us to do that. We personalise each patient’s record, note specific allergies and lock the preferred brands per item.

Our lovely patient has had her first delivery within a few days of sign up and has kindly sent us this message:

“Thank you for the timely manner in which you have sorted and delivered my prescription. Excellent experience and I will recommend you to all my friends and family.  Look forward to next month’s delivery.”

Thank you for being with us! It’s a pleasure to be your personal pharmacist.