Infectious Kindness – Christmas Special

“At Christmas we hear about Jesus Christ, spent his time on earth amongst people showing love, compassion and kindness to everyone he met. No one was turned away. He felt deeply for those who were sick, healing many people, spreading love and care.”

Reverend Sue Martin FRSA
Thank you for your love and your trust!
Thank you Colin for delivering our medication supplies every day!
Thank you Steve for delivering our medication supplies every day!
Thank you Jim, the best postman, collecting our packs every day!
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A day in PillSorted Personal Pharmacy

Thursday was a PillSorted Personal Pharmacy moment! The best times of our days is when we listen to you and help you feel better. I thought to share it with you all.

It was morning and Mr Reyes* called in tears. Mrs Reyes had woken up really confused and when Mr Reyes gave her her morning medicine, she felt unwell and vomited.

Mr and Mrs Reyes who are both in their 90s are dear PillSorted patients. We have been talking to each other on a weekly basis for the last six weeks. Mrs Reyes has developed swollen legs and she’s had water tablets added, then stopped, then other tablets stopped, all getting very confusing for them both.

Us and the lovely Cambridge based surgery team have worked closely together to help them through all the changes. As Mrs Reyes’ test results come back, the surgery would notify us of the changes and we would make sure we deliver the medicine the same day, explain the changes to Mr Reyes and collect the stopped medication. Mr and Mrs have found the Patient Information chart helpful as it shows the right medicine and its shape plus the right time to take them. In fact, that very Thursday, the GP called Mr and Mrs early in the morning and introduced another new tablet for Mrs Reyes’ swollen legs. We had received the prescription and were preparing it for delivery.

Back to Mr Reyes’s phone call, I asked Mr.Reyes about the past couple of days and if Mrs Reyes has had anything out of the usual? Mr R said she had had a fall and had been taken to hospital two evenings before and had not been 100% since her discharge. The day before she had been tired but today, she’s unwell. I asked him to immediately call 111 as I was concerned this could be related to her previous fall. Mr R called back in half an hour and said that he had not been able to communicate with them properly so 111 had told him to call the GP again. He was upset because he felt he’s taking the GP’s time, but Mrs is unwell, and he doesn’t know what to do. I reassured him and told him to leave it to me. I called the surgery team, explained Mr and Mrs Reyes situation and we thought of the possible reasons, such as fall related confusion or maybe a new infection. When I told them that Mr Reyes hasn’t been able to communicate with 111 we agreed that the best approach would be for the GP to visit them.

At 4pm a very peaceful Mr Reyes’ called, he was calm now and very grateful for our support. A kind GP had checked on them and reassured them. As we were speaking our driver reaches their door and delivers their medication. He said, “me and Mrs will be sleeping well knowing that we can count on you!”

* Names have been changed to protect personal privacy.

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Infectious Kindness 2

Good Food, Heathly Body

PillSorted Pharmacist:
Hope you are having a lovely day. I have been thinking of cooking most of the day. It is such a lovely way to spread kindness! Any suggestions on what to cook for dinner tonight?

Paneer and Spinach Curry

Our lovely patients reply:

“Cooking is my therapy – I love cooking and it makes me feel better me when I feel down or I want to make something to cheer up and another person. Enjoy it.”

S. D.

“I hope you enjoy cooking when you have finished work!”

Da. W.

“As I’m Italian can I suggest a pasta dish- quick and easy? ”

L. D.

“Lovely to hear from you. I know your problem of what to cook for dinner each night but if it’s baking cakes then I can happily get motivated. I have just treated myself to a stand mixer come food processor so it’s all recipes go, I also give some of my cooking to my elderly neighbours to cheer them up.”

Di. W.

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Infectious Kindness

Wandlebury Country Park, Cambridgeshire

PillSorted Pharmacist: How are you? Hope you are keeping well. It’s beautiful to see the trees changing colour these days…”

Our lovely patients reply:

  • “Yes, Wandlebury is looking lovely and autumnal…”
  • “I hope you have time to get out for walks to enjoy the autumn colours … in between showers of course!”
  •  “The Autumnal colour of the trees is beautiful at the moment and we try to get out as much as possible to enjoy them before strong winds come and blow the leaves off…”
  • “Thank you for your message and good wishes. Yes, I am well and I hope you are too; no doubt you are very busy as I think your business has expanded massively over the last few months…”
  • The autumnal colours are truly gorgeous! I just wish there was more sunshine these days. It has gotten quite chilly.

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Thank you Mr. Harris for choosing us

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I decided to choose PillSorted Pharmacy because I had to queue up at my previous pharmacy and they wouldn’t deliver. We were supposed to be shielding. We had a leaflet through the door. We thought to give it a try and we are very impressed. It all works well. I order my medication online and receive them a few days later. 

Mr. M Harris 
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Bless your soul Mrs. D. S. ❤️

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Today we lost one of our kindest patients. She was 89 and a big fan of our service. She signed up all her neighbours for us. I have delivered a few times to her house and always had a little chat with her at the doorstep. Last time was about the lack of rain this year and how it made gardening difficult.

I feel great that we made her last few months just a bit easier. I love what we do in PillSorted.

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A kind endorsement from Mr. and Mrs. Haddock of Cherry Hinton, CB1

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Mr. and Mrs. Haddock of Cherry Hinton, CB1
Mr. and Mrs. Haddock, Cherry Hinton, CB1, June 2020

In their own lovely words :

Mr. Haddock: “I think it is a fantastic service”
Mrs. Haddock: “It has made life easier, very good service, nothing to worry about.
PillSorted (Mo): “How are we different?”
Mr. Haddock: “You are regular, we get our meds on a regular basis”
Mrs. Haddock : “You are reliable … we are very pleased with the service…. keep up the good work”
PillSorted (Mo): “It really makes us proud that you feel this way about our service, we will do our best to keep it up”

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