Infectious Kindness – Christmas Special

“At Christmas we hear about Jesus Christ, spent his time on earth amongst people showing love, compassion and kindness to everyone he met. No one was turned away. He felt deeply for those who were sick, healing many people, spreading love and care.”

Reverend Sue Martin FRSA
Thank you for your love and your trust!
Thank you Colin for delivering our medication supplies every day!
Thank you Steve for delivering our medication supplies every day!
Thank you Jim, the best postman, collecting our packs every day!
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A day in PillSorted Personal Pharmacy

Thursday was a PillSorted Personal Pharmacy moment! The best times of our days is when we listen to you and help you feel better. I thought to share it with you all.

It was morning and Mr Reyes* called in tears. Mrs Reyes had woken up really confused and when Mr Reyes gave her her morning medicine, she felt unwell and vomited.

Mr and Mrs Reyes who are both in their 90s are dear PillSorted patients. We have been talking to each other on a weekly basis for the last six weeks. Mrs Reyes has developed swollen legs and she’s had water tablets added, then stopped, then other tablets stopped, all getting very confusing for them both.

Us and the lovely Cambridge based surgery team have worked closely together to help them through all the changes. As Mrs Reyes’ test results come back, the surgery would notify us of the changes and we would make sure we deliver the medicine the same day, explain the changes to Mr Reyes and collect the stopped medication. Mr and Mrs have found the Patient Information chart helpful as it shows the right medicine and its shape plus the right time to take them. In fact, that very Thursday, the GP called Mr and Mrs early in the morning and introduced another new tablet for Mrs Reyes’ swollen legs. We had received the prescription and were preparing it for delivery.

Back to Mr Reyes’s phone call, I asked Mr.Reyes about the past couple of days and if Mrs Reyes has had anything out of the usual? Mr R said she had had a fall and had been taken to hospital two evenings before and had not been 100% since her discharge. The day before she had been tired but today, she’s unwell. I asked him to immediately call 111 as I was concerned this could be related to her previous fall. Mr R called back in half an hour and said that he had not been able to communicate with them properly so 111 had told him to call the GP again. He was upset because he felt he’s taking the GP’s time, but Mrs is unwell, and he doesn’t know what to do. I reassured him and told him to leave it to me. I called the surgery team, explained Mr and Mrs Reyes situation and we thought of the possible reasons, such as fall related confusion or maybe a new infection. When I told them that Mr Reyes hasn’t been able to communicate with 111 we agreed that the best approach would be for the GP to visit them.

At 4pm a very peaceful Mr Reyes’ called, he was calm now and very grateful for our support. A kind GP had checked on them and reassured them. As we were speaking our driver reaches their door and delivers their medication. He said, “me and Mrs will be sleeping well knowing that we can count on you!”

* Names have been changed to protect personal privacy.

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Get vitamin D supplements

NHS has launched a service that you can receive free daily vitamin D
supplements if you are at high risk (clinically extremely vulnerable) from
coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have received a letter from the NHS or the
Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) saying you’re at high risk
from coronavirus, you’re aged 18 or over and you live in England, you will
be entitled to 4 months’ supply of supplements from January 2021.

Please visit NHS website to apply.

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Infectious Kindness 2

Good Food, Heathly Body

PillSorted Pharmacist:
Hope you are having a lovely day. I have been thinking of cooking most of the day. It is such a lovely way to spread kindness! Any suggestions on what to cook for dinner tonight?

Paneer and Spinach Curry

Our lovely patients reply:

“Cooking is my therapy – I love cooking and it makes me feel better me when I feel down or I want to make something to cheer up and another person. Enjoy it.”

S. D.

“I hope you enjoy cooking when you have finished work!”

Da. W.

“As I’m Italian can I suggest a pasta dish- quick and easy? ”

L. D.

“Lovely to hear from you. I know your problem of what to cook for dinner each night but if it’s baking cakes then I can happily get motivated. I have just treated myself to a stand mixer come food processor so it’s all recipes go, I also give some of my cooking to my elderly neighbours to cheer them up.”

Di. W.

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Infectious Kindness

Wandlebury Country Park, Cambridgeshire

PillSorted Pharmacist: How are you? Hope you are keeping well. It’s beautiful to see the trees changing colour these days…”

Our lovely patients reply:

  • “Yes, Wandlebury is looking lovely and autumnal…”
  • “I hope you have time to get out for walks to enjoy the autumn colours … in between showers of course!”
  •  “The Autumnal colour of the trees is beautiful at the moment and we try to get out as much as possible to enjoy them before strong winds come and blow the leaves off…”
  • “Thank you for your message and good wishes. Yes, I am well and I hope you are too; no doubt you are very busy as I think your business has expanded massively over the last few months…”
  • The autumnal colours are truly gorgeous! I just wish there was more sunshine these days. It has gotten quite chilly.

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Caring Together

Zoom meeting, organised by Caring Together

I was thrilled to be invited and take part in a Zoom meeting, organised by Caring Together.

Caring Together is a network partner of Carers Trust and they provide information, services and campaign ‘so that carers have choices’.

Laura (Family Carer Coordinator of Caring Together) and I have been in touch since January. She does a great job organising groups for carers in which they can bring along their loved ones, also to book speakers and organisations to give talks on various topics and products. 

In February, I attended the Shelford group at the David Rayner Centre in Scotsdales. It had a lovely atmosphere of friendship and support. Whilst the loved ones were being cared for, and on this particular occasion having a birthday party, the carers and I listened to a lovely session about stress management by Susan from Everyone Health

I’ve been involved ever since and yesterday had the honour of being the first pharmacist speaking over Zoom.

I was able to highlight PillSorted services:

Illustrating our safe and secure packaging and how we make sure we get all your medication ready for you, altogether, so you receive everything you need in a monthly pack.

Our handy Information Chart that has images of your tablets, the time of day you need to take it in different colours and how many to take each time.

If you need any non-prescription items, we can add that to your monthly pack, anything from paracetamol, vitamins, creams and gels to incontinence pads.

Pillsorted services are available over the phone, Whatsapp or Zoom. Mornings are set aside for calls and consultations with our team.

Looking forward to our next meetings.

PillSorted Pack
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Ask Your Pharmacist

I am grateful to NHS for the informative campaigns they run. One particular one was the “Ask Your Pharmacist” campaign. NHS launched this campaign last October and it is planned to return annually. The aim is to highlight pharmacists as first point of call.

In NHS words: “Pharmacists are highly qualified health care professionals who can provide clinical advice and prompt treatment for common illnesses. They work with other professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to give you the best possible care as part of your local NHS team.

PillSorted is devoted to your health and wellbeing. We’re designing our pharmacy towards your preferences:

  • Your Personal Pharmacist is available for advice and treatment on many health issues that don’t necessarily need a GP or hospital appointment.
  •  You can enjoy a consultation from the comfort and privacy of your own home! Just give us a call or reach us via email.
  • Give your Personal Pharmacist a call or reach us via e-mail. Alternatively, you can organise a voice/video call via WhatsApp. 

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Personal Pharmacy? PillSorted we say…

Here’s why:

For You:

  • We’ve all embraced technology. We like to make video calls; we like to browse on-line and get things delivered; so why not have a health chat from the privacy and comfort of our home and then get our medicine delivered?
  • We don’t need to take a paper prescriptions to the pharmacy anymore. We choose our preferred pharmacy at our doctors, then your prescription arrives at our pharmacy electronically and saves us one leg of the trip… and all the hassle… and all the wait.

For The National Health Sevice:

  • The NHS has also embraced technology. Thanks to the NHS we now have Electronic Prescriptions.

Let me explain. Every month, pharmacies pack all the prescriptions dispensed in that month and send it to NHS, for payment. 

I remember when it was all green or other various color paper prescriptions, and we had to manually go through piles the size of two to three packs of 32 tissue rolls (the ones you can’t find nowadays!) and box them according to NHS guides. A tedious monthly routine! 

Since the arrival of Electronic Prescriptions and the digital medicine database, we know exactly what the doctors want, the NHS knows exactly what we’ve dispensed, and end of month is a click! 

Efficient, accurate and modern.

So, we thought of PillSorted. We’re a personal service right here at your door, using technology to deliver scientifically proven, up to date care.

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The National Health Service (NHS)

I have lived with the NHS for most of my life and want to say how fortunate I feel, and how grateful I am, to our National Health Service.

As a patient, there’s nothing more humane than getting compassionate and professional help, at you’re most vulnerable time. You know you’ll be taken care of, no matter what.

As a health-care professional, I’ve had the privilege of taking part in clinical and leadership training, contributing to public health campaigns and collaborating with local and national service provision. 

In all these we truly keep patients in our line of sight.

PillSorted is proud to be part of NHS. 

Our vision of  “All human scientific achievements in healthcare, available to all of the human race” is in line with NHS’ vision.

Our mission is to deliver scientifically proven, up to date and accurate care, to all of the human race. We are in a position to constantly interact with our patients, we pro-actively encourage living healthily, we enable early disease detection by querying conditions, and we review medications to help maintain treatment. 

Let’s help our national treasure to provide high quality, dignified care.

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